Google ньюсы как реализация машины времени

Достаточно часто по работе ищешь что-нибудь на, только что набрал “dbase IV vs dbase III” (есть у нас в проекте, гребанный кусок кода с импортом из dbf файлов, при этом программисты из других контор часто очень вольно/криво трактуют спецификации dbf формата), кликаю на первый же линк, и аж на душе потеплело:

>The most useful distinction today is in the amount of resources each
>requires: III+ works fine on systems all the way back to XTs; IV works best
>on newer systems. III+ can run on floppy-only systems; IV requires a hard

That’s interesting–I had no problem upgrading from dBASE III+ to dBASE IV on
an 8 MHz XT. It did take more time to load up than dBASE III+, but I don’t
recall that the application was any slower.

>Many people held on to III+ when IV came out back in ’88 because of many
>problems with the first release. But since then, there’s been dBASE IV 1.1
>and now 1.5, released in February this year by Borland. III+ was first
>released in ’85, practically the Bronze Age of microcomputing — and people
>wonder why it doesn’t support extended memory!

>If you are new to dBASE, and have a 286 or better machine and a couple of meg
>free on your hard disk, I recommend dBASE IV: there have been major
>improvements that make life easier for both the first-time user as well as

Народ обсуждает в начале 1992 года…
Old good days 🙂

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