MS and UTC

Как же откровенно заеб.. затрахала MS с использованием BIOS часов в Windows как локальных вместо UTC. Помимо проблем с двойной загрузкой других OS это еще и редкостный геморрой при программировании приложений которые должны корректно переносить смену часовых поясов, летнего режима времени и прочего. ИДИОТЫ!

Слабый лепет в оправдание этого безобразия:

Ну и самый правильный комментарий оттуда:

“re: Why does Windows keep your BIOS clock on local time?
Thursday, September 02, 2004 10:43 AM by Roland Kaufmann
Local time is bad because it is neither continuously nor monotonously increasing. Period. Using it as your internally yardstick is equally stupid. Interestingly, NTFS keeps time in UTC, which indicates that at least someone around the block still had their senses.

Second, hadn’t it been for the fact that timezone is implemented as a machine instead of a user property, there would have been no problems. Observe the problems that occurred before time zone redirection was implemented in Terminal Server (And why only there? Obviously the kernel now has the capability to keep a time zone per logon session).

As for the backward compatibility argument: Who cared about the users who had RealTimeIsUniversal=1?Appearantly none, because it is still broken as of XPsp2, after umpteen years of complaining from users. Instead, users that mysteriously find it easier to set their clock in the BIOS than in the system notification area are catered to. Most end-users I know, are not even aware that there *is* a BIOS setup.”

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